Dr Michaela Davies


Phd(Psych), MA(Psych), BA(Psych)hons

Michaela Davies is a psychologist providing affordable mental health support in the Darlinghurst area. She offers a non-judgmental and supportive environment where clients can feel safe to address whatever challenges they are facing.

Using evidence-based treatment, she tailors therapy to the particular needs and experiences of each individual and creates a supportive collaborative partnership between herself and her clients.

Michaela provides specialised treatment for many issues including:

• anxiety, worry and stress

• depression

• grief 

• trauma

• identity issues

• anger-management

• relationship and communication problems

• confidence and self-esteem issues

• conflict at home or work

• addictions

  1. other emotional, mental health or adjustment difficulties

Michaela brings empathy, understanding, extensive experience, and a broad background to her practice.



   To make an appointment

   call 02 9332 2531 or go to:


   Bulk billing available to eligible clients

Registered Medicare Provider (rebates available for psychological services on referral from GP)

Accredited Non-Directive Pregnancy Support Counsellor

Accredited WorkCover Psychologist

Registered Work and Development Order Sponsor